Make this season a winning one!!!

Turn out like a professional..

With a little help from us...

Perfect Ponies are renowned specialist in Showing Turnout.

With over 30 years experience of producing horses for the ring.

We are the home of professional competition and aromatherapy grooming products & proudly the home of the finest English, handcrafted leatherwork in the country.

Taking you from training to competition.

The original boutique of champions!

Get the look, stand out from the crowd and be prepared to WOW.

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We are an Eco Friendly Company - Determined to create a Sustainable Future for the next generation.

Our children are everything, they are the reason behind our drive, joy, purpose but most importantly they are our future!

Perfect Ponies started as a legacy to my daughters, every decision made is with them in mind especially their future.

Both Ella and I are passionate about nature and aromatherapy, the driving force behind 'Botanicals by Perfect Ponies!'

With that comes a vast knowledge as to what products are made of, where they are sourced and the carbon impact each individual items has. We consciously use sustainable, ethically sourced bases & oils. We use recycled paper, packaging and recycled plastic where it is unavoidable.

To offset our carbon footprint further and help us on our journey of becoming carbon neutral. We pledge that for every 100 bottles of 'Botanicals' sold, we will plant a tree with our brand partners at 'Tomorrows Forrest' Our trees are planted in a wood in Devon, UK.

we plant a tree  for every 100 bottles of botanicals sold

Our pledge  Learn more

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