Pearl Range - The Whitening & Stain Removing One

Botanicals by Perfect Ponies is our professional aromatherapy grooming range for all disciplines.

Using the power of mother nature, we have developed an extensive range of skin and hair care products for daily care, training and competitions.

Our fantastic Pearl range has been developed for both stain removal and enhancing dark coats.

We use a clever blend of Essentials Oils & Base Oils that work conjunctively to neutralise the PH levels of stains, nourishing & treating the skin and hair providing a clear base to allow the natural pigment to lift and tone stains further. Resulting in instant results.

With correct husbandry and repeated use all stains will be lifted and results will be PURE white.

For best results we recommend teaming with our Wonder Oil that will seal the hair follicles and prevent further staining.