Wonder Range - The Healing & Nourishing One

Our incredible Wonder Range is our most incredible and versatile range.

Developed using a complex blend of Essential Oils this range acts as a complex tonic to a multitude of issues.

Primarily formulated to to promote healthy hair and skin, Wonder Range encourages hair regrowth from the skin, creates strong hair shafts, prevents breakages, repels mites soothes, inflamed skin, promotes regrowth on bald patches including healed over wounds.

Due to its complex nature Wonder Range naturally has; anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, regenerative, soothing, analgesic & anti-spasmodic properties.

Which in turn allows it to not only be the best hair tonic on the market it also be used as a perfect pre & post tonic, helping to develop correct muscle tone and soothe aching muscles after work, by speeding up the recovery of the building muscles in rest mode, resulting in outstanding results.