Repel Spray
Repel Spray
Repel Spray
Repel Spray
Repel Spray
Repel Spray

Repel Spray

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Size 200ml

We have blended an intricate combination of Essential Oils (proven by the world veterinarian organisation) to combat flys, mites and aid in the treatment of sweat itch.

The most powerful natural anti-fungal and anti-microbial, fly repellent spray. 

Perfect for repelling flies, aiding in treating sweet itch, treating feathers, itchy manes & tails. 

For best results use Repel Shampoo first.

We are the home of professional competition and aromatherapy grooming products and proudly the home of the finest English, handcrafted Sedgwick leatherwork in the country.

Our Brand has been developed to take you from training to competition and all you face in between.

The original boutique of champions!

**All Botanicals are mineral oil, SLS and paraben free, perfect for any sensitive types. They are also fully FEI compliant.**

We consciously use sustainable, ethically sourced bases & oils.

All our leatherwork is handcrafted and sourced in the UK

We use recycled paper, packaging and recycled plastic where it is unavoidable.

To offset our carbon footprint further and help us on our journey of becoming carbon neutral. We pledge that for every 100 bottles of 'Botanicals' sold, we will plant a tree with our brand partners at 'Tomorrows Forrest' Our trees are planted in a wood in Devon, UK.

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